Thomas Wharerau

Member of the Month – T Bomb Thomas Wharerau 3 words to describe this man – Hearty, Guts & Determined. A great whanau man who often reach’s into his own pocket to fund up & coming youth. The sort of

Carl Rodgers

Carl Rogers – Carl’s worked his bum off both in/out of the Box (gym) with over 40kg lost. He’s changed his life & eats/trains with awesome consistency. Carl is one of the CFTA rocks & a massive part of the

Shawna Hawke

I started my journey at 103kg, I was tired all the time, unmotivated and suffered from mild depression. I decided I needed to change my life, so I started off by eating healthy and going to the gym. I discovered

Willy Taite

I turned 31 last year & weighed 127kg, I had the blood pressure of a 60 year old & I realised I had to make change. Combined with a good diet & CrossFit as my main form of training, I


A proper eating regime combined with CrossFit has helped me to achieve my goals and get me to where I am now. – Marleina, 38, Rotorua

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