Shawna Hawke

Shawna After

I started my journey at 103kg, I was tired all the time, unmotivated and suffered from mild depression.

I decided I needed to change my life, so I started off by eating healthy and going to the gym.

I discovered CrossFit in September 2013, and it has totally changed my life.

I absolutely love coming to each WOD and look forward to them!

I love the fact that CrossFit is for anyone, I was definitely nervous the first time I turned up, but I soon saw the results and I was hooked.

Now with a combination of eating healthy and doing CrossFit, I have lost a total of 27kg (1/4 of my bodyweight) and live a much happier life! I have so much more energy and feel like the box is my second home!

I would say to anyone that is thinking about trying CrossFit to just give it a go, there are a range of different people that come, of all shapes and sizes and it is such a supportive environment! Definitely addictive!




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