Willy Taite

I turned 31 last year & weighed 127kg, I had the blood pressure of a 60 year old & I realised I had to make change.
Combined with a good diet & CrossFit as my main form of training, I have lost around 23kg (most in 3-4 months).
Blood pressure is now great & I am fitter, faster, stronger & more flexible than I have been for nearly 10 years.

People see other fit people doing CrossFit & think that it is too hard for them to do, this common perception is completely wrong.
All exercises are scaled to your fitness level & capabilities, meaning you will work hard, but only to your fitness level.

CrossFit in my personal opinion is more of a mindset.
If you consider your body to be like a car, & your mindset to be the driver, you can always repair or upgrade the parts of a car to make it run better.
Don’t allow your current shape or perceived ability to determine what you can achieve, change your mindset & change the quality of your life!

I did & I feel bloody great, come & join our CrossFit Te Arawa culture.

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