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CrossFit Classes: encompass the below 10 training fundamentals :

Cardio, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Accuracy, Power & Speed.

1st locals class is free, we are based in the Rotorua Racecourse & would love for you to join our whanau (family). 

Regular Schedule:

10% Discount for (Weekly unlimited membership only):  Couple’s, Teachers, Med Serv’s, Tertiary Students, Military, Surf Life Savers

20% Discount for (Weekly unlimited membership only): Secondary School Students (excludes Teen classes). 

CrossFit is unparalleled for strength, endurance & fitness results. When combined with a healthy eating regime its incredible for weight loss, total body & confidence transformation. 

Both CrossFit & Bootcamp classes are designed to be fun, whilst challenging & skill developing. Perserverance, mental aptitude, resilience & fortitude building.

What makes CrossFit Te Arawa unique is the very caring, humble, nurturing, down to earth, family friendly, fully certified coaching, training environment & facility. 

We provide “Fitness 4 All” which means fitness for all ages & body types. If you’re an athlete perusing that competitive edge, someone that’s rolled off the couch wanting to make positive health & fitness change or you’re simply looking for wellbeing, mobility & a fantastic family training atmosphere, CrossFit Te Arawa is the home for you. 

Bootcamp Classes: Are excellent for those that aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into full CrossFit. They’re still designed to offer all the benefits of full CrossFit. But they do not have Olympic Lifting and are a watered down or scaled version of CrossFit. 

 All in 1/2 Day In-Doc: is run usually at least once per month or on demand.

Cost is usually $80 per person for this half day course.

In-Doc may not be required if already completed at another CrossFit affiliated gym. 


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